Concierge Services

Unfortunately, over the course of our lives, unforeseen circumstances arise that can place an unmanageable strain on an individual and family’s mental and emotional resources. Dr. Alan Roy offers concierge coaching services to help clients navigate these critical periods by helping them regain their bearings, see a bigger picture, and begin to think in responsive rather than reactive ways. He is also available to help find, evaluate and work with the other professionals or services the situation might require.

Benefits of Concierge Coaching…

Access: Concierge clients are given priority for in-person meetings, and they have access to Alan Roy 24 hours a day via mobile phone, video calls, and texts or emails.

Flexibility: Concierge services are not restricted to meetings in Dr. Roy’s office. He will travel to clients’ homes, places of work and other convenient locations, and he will participate in meetings and calls with professionals such as doctors, attorneys, educational advocates, neuropsychologists and teachers.

Privacy: By visiting clients in their home or workplace, Dr. Roy gives high profile individuals the ability to avoid public spaces. Because services are paid for privately, there is no need to share health information with insurers or other organizations.

Commitment: Dr. Roy cares about and is committed to the well-being of his concierge clients. By immersing himself in their worlds, he is able to forge relationships that are both professional and personal and is able to intervene in responsive and creative ways.

Costs: Concierge interventions typically address specific issues for finite periods of time. Because of the intensive nature of this work, availability is limited. Fees for concierge services are billed at $300 an hour against a retainer.

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